AM Graphix Project Portfolio

Below you will find a sampling of my project portfolio.

If you are looking for samples of a particular type of project and don't see them here please message me. I'd be more than happy to provide you with more samples.

Angela de Haas - Meditation Series


Angela came to me when she was recording her 8 CD meditation series. We had recently redesigned her website (which she manages herself) and she was looking for assistance with her CD cover graphics. 

I was able to do the full CD packaging design but also utilize my network to manage the production of the 8 CD's themselves. I worked with Angela for her vision of what each CD design was to "feel like" and from that was able to design melding her current branding from her new website into her CD package. 

You can visit Angela's website to order the CD's or download digitally via CD Baby. 


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