Daniel Dubois is a web developer at WEB-EAU in France and has been running a series of articles highlighting women in Joomla. This month Daniel interviewed me. 

Women's portraits at Joomla: Alison Meeks

Your role with Joomla: Social Media Team, Administrator of the Joomla No Spam Group FB, J Marketing Team Member

Women's portraits at Joomla: Alison Meeks January 2021

We celebrate the International Women's day on the 8th March (International women's rights day, in few countries) because it's important to remind that women are equal of men and it's essential to protect and respect their rights every days of the year but...

Nowadays, women make up just 24% of the tech workforce, thus more and more women are encouraged to pursue careers in the tech industry. Initiatives such as Girls who Code and conferences such as European Women in Technology support this movement passionately.

And at Joomla, the trend is not much different. Because there is no fatality, we must do things in others ways and being more inclusive. In our community, some women are really amazing and I've decided to introduce you some of them. These women are so inspiring and so motivating. Really. Read their stories, their advice, their thoughts and you'll be convinced.
Because we need really each other, I do hope that these portraits will inspire others women to embrace a career in tech sector and/or to join the Joomla Community.

**The interview is on the WEB-eau website. You can read the complete article here.


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